and we all play a part in shaping the future the next generations will inherit

Future Ancestors Services is an Indigenous and Black-owned, youth-led professional services social enterprise that advances climate justice and equity with a lens of anti-racism and ancestral accountability.

Since our launch in April 2020, we have gathered a community of over 100 clients and have mobilized over $20,000.00 in crowd-sourced donations to be invested in Black, Indigenous, racialized, LGBTQ2S+, and disabled people advancing our shared missions of equity and climate justice.


While centering traditional Indigenous teachings of ancestry and anti-racism, we support our clients and community in addressing systemic issues that disadvantage groups of people, our connections to land and others, and the well-being of Earth.

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Service Providers

Our Constellation is an online portal that features diverse speakers, trainers, researchers, and artists for hire in Canada. They all centre climate justice and equity in their services

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Services We Provide

The speaking, training, research, and community services we offer through our Services Team to clients seeking to bring equity and climate justice perspectives to their work, space, and people

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Future Ancestry

Our Collective is a growing databased of content that explores the teachings and visions of future ancestry and ancestral accountability. There are opportunities to contribute

Here is some recent news and upcoming opportunities.

A community
of +100 clients.

 In our few months of operations   we've gathered a community of over   100 clients. See what all the buzz is   about. 

We specialize in event and service

delivery that is bilingual, accessible, anti-ageist, intergenerational, remote, sustainable and anti-racist.

We’re a professional services social enterprise, which means that we are an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders. 

Our Services Team provide client services that are responsive to the demands of today's political, social, and environmental landscapes.

Through a small team of Directors and Alchemists of Ancestral Services based across what is currently Canada, we take on speaking, training, research and consulting contracts from a wide-range of sectors.

Take a look at our service-specific pages for more information on service topics, types, pictures, and pricing.​​

Speaking Services

Training Services

Research Services

Our organizational pillars keep us walking a good path, they direct how we create content and what contracts we contribute to.

Book services directly from us, or explore what the speakers, trainers, researchers, and artists featured in the Future Ancestors Constellation have to offer.

They're all based in Canada.


Our Constellation is an online platform that features Indigenous, Black, racialized, disabled, young and/or LGBTQ2S+ independent speakers, trainers, researchers, and artists available for hire. 


There are no resources in Canada that chart diversity in the professional services sector as we do: our Constellation is a one-stop resource that allows business, organizations, and governments to redirect economic opportunities to the climate justice-oriented service providers we feature. 

We make every effort to ensure our services are financially accessible, which includes a tiered pricing structure for Non-Profit and Youth Led, Public, and Private-Sector clients.

We serve diverse clients with diverse needs.*

*Some clients shown above were served when Future Ancestors Services Inc. was Larissa Crawford Speaks.

Staying social- with purpose. 

Our Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts are where we share daily tools, resources, opportunities, and community highlights. Follow us at @ancestorsfuture.

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