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Future Ancestors Services is pivoting to be a next-generation speakers bureau.

This Fall, you'll have access to our expanded list of speakers and trainers continuing to service the transformational impact you've come to expect from us.

Quickly find and hire diverse entrepreneurs offering provenly innovative speaking and training services at accessible pricing.
Specializing in sustainability, Indigenization, technology, disability, and more, the voices we represent are charting futures that respond to our most pressing systemic challenges. 

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A next-generation speakers bureau,

​We're a speakers bureau that is led by the diversity too often side-tabbed and check-boxed.

We're leveraging anti-racism and decolonization to foster healthier ways to learn and work together. These efforts extend to our active supports for clients and speakers to respectfully engage in their relationships.

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the next generations.

Following count and online searchability doesn't always translate to on-stage presence, topic expertise, and community impact.

With a long-term approach to relationship building, we're mapping a network of entrepreneurs qualified by evidence of the legacies they're leaving present and future generations. 

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Our imperfect creation story, and our willingness to share it, becomes a valuable resource for trust-building and learning.

Photo by Allison Seto of Larissa Crawford for Ar'cteryx

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We Founded

Larissa Crawford incorporated Future Ancestors Services Inc. on January 31 using personal savings, and creates the initial organization structure and vision. She builds the founding team, beginning with Samantha Matters and Chúk Odenigbo.


We Grew

We break 200 clients after our first year of operations! With racial and environmental justice bubbling into mainstream social consciousness, our demand continues to grow.

2022 - 2023

We Survived

We continue to grow our client base and services, and our team focuses on internal restorative and relationship-building and restructuring.


We Pivoted

Our organization, formerly a sub-contractor consulting firm, faced limitations in accommodating our volume of client requests, resulting in declining about one-third of them. To address failures we identified in our business structure, management, and Contractor supports, we've transitioned to a speakers bureau model.

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"Métis-Jamaican activist Larissa Crawford has taken anti-racism and climate justice work to new heights through Future Ancestors Services, the organization she founded that offers resources to support people and the planet through a decolonized lens. The work Crawford is doing will only continue to become more and more important in the next 20 years, with climate change having an impact on people globally, but especially on vulnerable and impoverished populations."

Complex Canada, 20 Canadians Who Will Shape
the Next 20 Years of the Culture


Since 2020 we've been building and will continue to grow a global network of over 400 clients.

We're accepting contracts now.

Our new intake system will be available for Fall 2024 (take a peep of the video for what to expect.)


In the meantime, we are still accepting contract requests. Send an email to us and we'll be happy to provide further details.

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