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We have made our booking guidelines as simple and streamlined as possible.

We are excited about your interest in booking and supporting Future Ancestors Services, a Black and Indigenous-owned enterprise!

Company Emails

Larissa Crawford

Founder and Managing Director

Calgary, AB 

Chúk Odenigbo

Director of Ancestral Services

Ottawa, ON

Samantha Matters

Director of Ancestral Services

Edmonton, AB

Monica Shafik

Director of Ancestral Services

Toronto, ON

Please send any media requests to, and we'd be happy to explore collaborating with you.

Here's some information about our streamlined Booking and On-Boarding Process, for when you want to book services directly from Future Ancestors Services.
Step One
Review our Service Packages for more information and pricing. 

We suggest that you take a look at our many Service Packages before reaching out. These packages outline the service topics and types, provide some samples, and outline associated costs with the service.

We organize our Service Packages based on client-type- because our pricing structure depends on if the client is Non-Profit or Youth, Public, or Private- and service type. 

Step Two
Send us an email outlining your contract information.

Send your email to Your email will then be passed on to the Managing Director or a Team Member if requested. In your email, please try to include the following information:

  • CLIENT TYPE: Are you a Corporate, Public, or Non-Profit/Youth-Led Organization?

  • CAPACITY: Do you have the capacity to afford the costs outlined in our Pricing Structure, including projected travel expenses if required?

  • DELIVERY TIME: How much time will you require for service delivery?

  • LOCATION: In which location will the service delivery take place?

  • AUDIENCE: What is the anticipated audience?

  • GENERAL CONTRACT INFORMATION: What is the topic of the contract, and for what purpose is the contract being requested?

Step Three
Set-up a preliminary phone consultation.

Once we've received your email request, the relevant Team Member will set up a time and date for an initial Phone Consultation. The preliminary Phone Consultation will typically last 30 to 60 minutes and provides the client an opportunity to discuss the service deliverer’s capacity and interest in fulfilling a contract. 

Step Four
Proceed with contract on-boarding.

If we agree to move forward with the contract, we'll send you a comprehensive Service Agreement and Estimate, as well as any additional information required from the contractor. The client and Team Member will then proceed to creating a work plan that works for everyone.

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