June Kaewsith on Connecting with Your Ancestors

June Kaewsith


27 January 2020

In this 10 minute TEDx Talk, June Kaewsith speaks on connecting with one's ancestors, and finding direction in the medicines and teachings of traditional ways, whichever one's you have connection to.

“I was scared of being caught as a total fraud... What medicines do I have to offer my ancestors?” This TEDx Talk explores connecting with your ancestors, and is especially appropriate for people who have lived separated from their ancestral lands and cultural practices, but are seeking to reclaim those connections."


The speaker is June Marisa Kaewsith, who is a professional artist, wellness consultant, and storytelling coach. As an artist, she has conducted spoken word workshops and mural projects with various youth groups, and has facilitated theatre skits with community members addressing local issues from workers' rights to environmental justice.


TEDxDelthorneWomen was organized by Eraina Ferguson, a tech entrepreneur and journalist, and was hosted on Dec 7, 2019.

What are different spaces you know if that you could share this video, or work it into curriculum? We urge you to always seek resources like this to bring the discussion of ancestors and ancestry into your professional and personal discussions.

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