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A place where you can come to define future ancestry and ancestral accountability for yourself.

Traditional knowledge from around the world tells us we are all future ancestors.


Our Collective is a growing database of video, art, and written content that explores teachings and visions of future ancestry and ancestral accountability. Our goal is to create a space where individuals can come to create their own understanding of future ancestry. Content is created by both existing pieces and public submissions. This resource will grow with our varying community projects and initiatives.

The concept of future ancestry and ancestral accountability have been cornerstones of Indigenous traditional knowledge for time immemorial, and teachings are unique to every nation. There are many visions of what ancestral accountability and future ancestry look like, but it is important to acknowledge that the teachings often derive from generations and generations of Indigenous traditional knowledge.

We asked out Constellation Stars what being a future ancestors means to them and their communities.

"Acting as a future ancestor means leaving this world, inclusive of every living being and the planet itself, better than I found it. It means utilizing the gifts bestowed upon me by my ancestors to help dismantle all forms of oppression as they currently exist to help create a world where we can all feel safe and not only survive but thrive, especially those who have been historically and systemically oppressed. It also means taking responsibility as a steward of the land to ensure there will indeed be a future for all."


Rachel Ricketts, Constellation Speaker and Trainer

Our goal is to create a space where individuals can come to create their own understanding of future ancestry.
Coming Summer 2020 will be opportunities for you to contribute to this Collective through submissions of original content.
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