The Future Ancestors Constelllation


Find and connect with diverse speakers, trainers, researchers, and artists in Canada for hire.

“We can’t find anyone qualified,” homogeneous man-els, teams that lack diversity… There are no excuses for that anymore.


The Future Ancestors Constellation is an online platform that features Indigenous, Black, racialised, disabled, young and/or LGBTQ2S+ independent speakers, trainers, researchers, and artists available for hire. All ‘Constellation Stars’ are based in Canada and centre climate justice and equity in their work.

By charting an online constellation of diverse contractors based in Canada, the Future Ancestors Constellation aims to connect clients seeking to expand their networks, line ups, and teams, and to uplift the voices and services of people who face disproportionate barriers yet continue to centre Earth and community in their work.

Quick question: why are you here, at the Future Ancestors Constellation?

I'm looking to hire a Constellation Star.

I want to apply to be a Constellation Star.

I want to hire Future Ancestors Services Inc.

Remember, this Constellation is always growing. Check back every week for new faces, services, and perspectives.
We collect a $5.00 fee for booking a Phone Consultation with a Service Deliverer through our Constellation.


And yes, we recognize that you could go find their contact information somewhere else. But we have faith in you.


We prioritize keeping our services as financially accessible as possible without compromising the quality of the service. In order for us to provide the best Constellation we can offer, we collect a small non-refundable fee for booking a Preliminary Phone Consultation.

As we grow our sources of funding for administrative costs, the fees collected from the Constellation will be invested in grants for the Constellation Stars. To learn more about making a donation to our grant fund, please email us at

Is this a flawed business model?

We recognize that at first glance this seems like a flawed system: if you find the name of the Service Deliverer, you can reach out to them on other platforms.

We collect this fee to provide and maintain a resource addressing a gap in accessing diverse service deliverers. If you find the Constellation valuable, we encourage you to pay the fee. We have faith in you.

Why do you collect this fee?

A preliminary Phone Consultation can be up to an hour and provides the client an opportunity to discuss the service deliverer’s capacity and interest in fulfilling a contract.

The fee collected gives you access to our support if issues arise with the Service Deliverer; to our feedback system; and contributes to the upkeep of this portal.

Constellation Stars: Why is it important for clients to include a voice like yours in their spaces?

"It is important for clients to include a voice like mine in their spaces because Black and Indigenous womxn+ are the most marginalized groups in Canada and beyond, because our voices have been systemically and institutionally oppressed and because we have and will lead the revolution towards justice for all."


Rachel Ricketts, Constellation Speaker and Trainer

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