Applying to Our Constellation

Whether you're an established contractor or a Rising Star, you can reap many benefits from your participation in the Future Ancestors Constellation.

We encourage you to review the details of applying to and being a Constellation Star before beginning an application in English or French (coming soon).

There are plenty of benefits to creating a Constellation Profile, and in subscribing to a Supported Plan.

To download an information package, click here.

Access to

Potential Clients

Support to Grow

Their Businesses

Opportunities to Connect and Learn

Constellation Stars benefit from exposure to potential clients seeking diverse service deliverers for hire.  When our capacity to meet contract requests just isn't a fit for the client, we will always put forward an alternative contractor. 

Constellation Stars have options for different levels of exclusive support in communications, templates, pricing structure, branding, speaking and presentation tactics, and upcoming events and opportunities.

We have a free plan and Financial Relief options.

Stars also have the opportunity to build their service delivery experience through our Community Services, which include free or donating-collecting workshops, webinars, and events. Supported Plan members have access to community circles in the Entrepreneurs Galaxy.

What is the difference between a Future Ancestors Services Team
Member and a Constellation Star?

Our Constellation Stars have a profile featured in our Constellation and are recognized as independent contractors; they are not employees of Future Ancestors Services.  While we offer different levels of support to Constellation Stars in accessing paid opportunities, we do not play a mediatory role (unless issues are brought to us by a client or Star in regards to the Preliminary Phone Consultation). Applications are open year-round.

The Future Ancestors Services Team Members fulfill roles of either Sub-Contractors or Volunteer Coordinators. Our Sub-Contractors are assigned and complete contracts on behalf of Future Ancestors Services. Ten percent of all Future Ancestors Services contracts are invested back into our organization. Applications are accepted periodically, with postings being included in our newsletters and on our social media.

It is important to understand that in being a Constellation Star, you are not an employee or Contractor under Future Ancestors Services Inc. Instead, you can say that you are represented by the Future Ancestors Services Constellation, or are featured in the Constellation. 

First, you can do a quick eligibility check to see if you meet the basic requirements for being a Constellation Star.

Make sure you can check off at least one box in each quad. Click the information button in the corner to understand why we require this from our Service Deliverers.

If you don't meet these requirements, there are still opportunities to volunteer as a Coordinator with Future Ancestors Services Team.

You self-identify as one of the following:

You provide, or want to provide, contract services for hire:

You centre climate justice and equity in work, studies, and/or activism:

You are based in Canada for the majority of the year:

Next, you'll want to make sure that you
have the capacity to meet Constellation Star responsibilities.

The success of our Constellation largely depends on how our Constellation Stars conduct business with the clients that reach out to them through our portal. For this reason, we designate a few responsibilities that our Constellation Stars must meet in order to be featured.

Responds to Constellation Phone Consultations requests in two business days unless otherwise notified

Maintains open and consistent communication with the clients

Notifies the Future Ancestors Services Team of any extended unavailability or changes to profile

Understands own capacity and limitations to meet the needs of a client and passes on a contract if necessary

Provides feedback on experience working with a client

Has a safe and reliable invoicing structure

Honestly represents themselves and their experience

We get that sometimes it helps to understand
the application process at a glance.
Finally, you'll want to get everything
together for your application. Most importantly, you'll want to check out our Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria!

Before starting your application, make sure you read through our Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria!


To complete the application form, download the document to Microsoft Word or copy this to your Google Drive. Please type your application. You'll then submit your application to! 


If you'd prefer to submit a scanned written application, or if you require accommodated application materials, please contact us at for an application.

Have a few more questions on your mind? Check this FAQ section out, or send us an email.

How does a profile lead to contracts? Is there guaranteed work?

What happens to the information I submit in my application?

What if I am too busy to take on new contracts for a certain period of time?

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