Arezoo Najibzadeh


Arezoo Najibzadeh is a rising voice for women’s civic and political participation in Canada. As co-founder of Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN), she works with young women leaders and civic institutions to identify and address barriers to young women’s engagement and success within grassroots and institutional politics.


Arezoo is focused on redefining leadership to reflect the many ways in which marginalied young women are shaping and and changing communities in Canada. Through anti-oppressive and intersectional practive, Arezoo builds leadership capacity among young women in leadership, and works with civic, private, and non-profit institutions to create spaces where young women can thrive.

As a consultant and personal coach, Arezoo regularly works with millennial candidates in municipal and provincial politics to centre mental wellness and authenticity on the campaign trail, on top of providing strategic communications and fundraising advice.


As a resounding voice for issues impacting young women and girls, Arezoo is regularly consulted to lend her expertise and perspective. Most recently, she was on the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women, the World Forum for Democracy and the Platform Women Convention.

In addition to her work at YWLN, Arezoo is a 2020 fellow at the Muslim Youth Fellowship and an Advising Leader to the Female Laboratory of Innovative Knowledge (FLIK).


Arezoo is boldly challenging systemic barriers in her quest to improve the experiences of young women, girls and gender-diverse youth in politics and leadership.



Toronto, Ontario, Canada



  • Arezoo's correct pronouns are She/Her.
  • Arezoo identifies as a Muslim Iranian woman.



  • Anti-racism workshops and audits
  • Sexual Assault/Harrassment awareness and training
  • Community care and mental wellness
  • Politics, governance, and policy
  • Inclusive and intersectional leadership
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Youth engagement



  • Arezoo offers Speaking, Research, and Training Services as a Constellation Star.
  • Arezoo operates as a sole proprietor, independent consultant.
  • For information and pricing, please contact her directly.



YWCA Hamilton, Ontario NDP, Ontario Greens, Girls' Action Foundation, Hart House Centennial Anniversary, Luminato Festival, Hot Docs Festival



  1. How does your lived experience and identity contribute to your qualification as a service deliverer?
    With more than 6 years of experience in civic leadership and socialentrepreneurship, I have a multifaceted understanding of the complexities oforganizations and institutions that hope to engage marginalized women such as myself. From navigating intersecting barriers to providing solutions for issues such as gender-based violence and racism, I focus on impact-driven research and innovation to createlong-term organizational and cultural shifts that challenge structural inequity.
  2. How does your institutional and non-institutional education contribute to your qualification as a service deliverer?
    My institutional education in Arts and Contemporary Studies (Diversity and Equity) provides me with a multidisciplinaryunderstanding of intersecting systems of oppression that contribute to inequity acrossthe board. I also have active-listening and sexual violence training, as well as 5 years ofhands-on experience in supporting survivors of sexual violence.
  3. How have you advanced climate justice and equity in the past?
    Throughout the past 5 years, I have provided equity and inclusion, as well as anti-oppression,sexual violence support, and leadership training to several civic institutions and over 700 young leaders. Although most of these trainings have been focused on addressingissues faced by marginalized women and non-binary youth through intersectional andanti-oppressive lenses, I only integrated climate justice into my work about a year ago.
  4. How do you advance climate justice and equity through your services?
    I explore gender equity through an intersectional lens which means that I am fully awareof the importance of climate justice and anti-oppressive frameworks in achievinggender-justice and social equity. I focus on structural and collective shifts in policy thataddress the overlaps in climate justice and gender-equity advocacy.
  5. What does it mean to you to act as a future ancestor?
    As a settler on TurtleIsland, I spent most of my teenage years disconnected from my elders and grandparents which contributed to a loss in intergenerational learning and growth opportunity.However with the loss of my grandfather, I have somehow had more opportunity totravel home and reflect on what it means to have lost that connection, and the meansthrough which I can create and maintain existing ones. To act as a future ancestor, Ifocus on the ways in which my past whether it be ancestral or personal ones, define mypresent and impact my daily decisions and politics. To be a future ancestor, I act as apreserver and protector of not only my culture, but the integrity of the ancestral history Icarry with me every day.


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Arezoo Najibzadeh


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