Jessica Ketwaroo-Green


Jessica is a Bachelor of Arts Graduate, majoring in Politics and Governance from Ryerson University. Her academic career focused on women's issues, social justice, women's political engagement, gender equity and policy studies.


Throughout her career, Jessica has worked primarily in the non-profit sector coordinating programs, on a personal mission to advance the social, political and economic position of women in Canada. Through her work with WomanACT Jessica is on a mission to reduce high-risk domestic violence in our community, and communities across Canada through multi-disciplinary action and policy change.


She has worked strategically with non-governmental partners, community organizations and governments while representing the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce towards crafting the first national child care strategy which includes the voices of marginalized communities across Canada. Ensuring that all communities have access to affordable childcare, including many of the rural and indigenous communities in Canada that are extremely impoverished.


Additionally, Jessica regularly hosts workshops to empower marginalized and young women nationally to participate in policy advocacy and organizational change to reduce the inequalities women face socially and politically.


Jessica is not a stranger to the Future of Work debacle. Through her work with First Work, she lead the development of a youth career program. The program challenged ideas of traditional work and delved into how young people can prepare themselves to meet the demands of future work economy. The program engaged over three hundred at-risk youth to explore non-traditional career pathing. Since inception, the Aspire program has been largely successful in the Greater Toronto Area and the model has since expanded to three additional cities across Ontario. Her work has resulted in positive outcomes for marginalized communities and will continue advocating on behalf of systems change.



Toronto, Ontario, Canada



  • Jessica's correct pronouns are She/Her.
  • Jessica identifies as Black and racialized.



  • Future of Work
  • Anti-Racism Policy
  • Non-Profit Programming
  • Women Empowerment
  • Violence Against Women Awareness



  • Jessica offers Speaking, Research, and Training Services as a Constellation Star.
  • Jessica operates as a sole proprietor. 
  • For information and pricing, please contact her directly.



First Work, Kristyn Wong-Tam , Vision Brampton, Women in Nonprofit Networking, Hers Kickboxing 



  1. How does your lived experience and identity contribute to your qualification as a service deliverer?As a woman of colour, with an invisible disability, I’m intimately familiar with exclusion. My experiences have not disparaged my perspective, instead, it has motivated me to uproot the status quo and make a real difference in the lives of women. I’ve fixated my unwavering devotion to women’s advocacy through policy and systems change, a subject matter, as you will notice from my experience, I care deeply about. It has become my life’s purpose to represent and amplify the many voices of women through public policy. I envision a life where my contributions influence positive policy change for women. My passion has lead me to take on projects at all levels of government which progress the change I wish to see. Notably, I have channelled my experience into work with the Toronto Police Service, The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce and WomanACT. As a result, I have a wide depth of personal experience to parallel my professional experience allowing me to speak on issues of gender inequality to a wider range of audiences
  2. How have you advanced climate justice and equity in the past?
    I have addressed gender inequality through the implementation of an internationally recognized best practice of intervention on intimate partner homicide to Canada. The model has engaged non-traditional partners to work collaboratively to address violence against women and will continue to break barriers on communication, and advocate for systems change in a Canadian context to reduce the number of women and children murdered by their intimate partner. My experience in working with young women has a decade long history; most notably, was the development of a year-long programme culminating with a two-day leadership conference at Ryerson University. As a result of this programme, one hundred young women from across political and business industries were provided with the tools, support and skills to obtain and challenge notions of whose voices belong in decision-making. I mark the programme and conference a success because the 4⁄5 women who participated stated they felt prepared to take on positions of influence as a direct result of their involvement.
  3. What does it mean to you to act as a future ancestor? 
    For me, I think being a future ancestor is a verb. It’s an action-oriented responsibility as part of my lived experience to create a better world for the generations after me. I have the responsibility to address the systemic issues that have been experienced by disadvantaged groups of people. I serve this purpose by thoughtfully engaging both disadvantaged and advantaged groups of society and building bridges of compassion and understanding to result in positive outcomes for the most marginalized. I believe in empowering people through information and removing stigmatization through data, research and evidence and crafting public policy which purports a positive tomorrow and removes the systematic barriers which have limited the contributions of racialized people in Canada. I am extremely interested in advancing gender equity with a particular interest in racialized women through policy. I dream, one day as a future ancestor, I will be remembered for such positive contributions to the experience of racialized women in Canada.


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Jessica Ketwaroo-Green

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