Nikki Fraser


Nikki Fraser is an Indigenous advocate and a proud mom of two from the Secwépemc Nation located in the interior British Columbia. Fraser was elected as the BC Native Women’s Association Youth Representative in 2015, and was the Nation Youth Representative for the Native Women’s Association of Canada in 2016. She is an alumni of the United Nations Youth Envoy.


During her position from 2015-2017 Fraser used her platform to advocate for young Indigenous Women and Girls by participating in meetings, conferences, and gatherings in communities across Canada, United States of America and Central America.


Recognized by her work with the Indigenous communities, Fraser was nominated for “Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals” to the United Nations Youth Envoy in 2016 and was one of the seventeen selected among 18,000 nominations.


In 2018, she was invited to attend and speak at the Commonwealth Youth Forum within the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting as part of the Equality and Inclusion panel. Throughout her volunteer work, Fraser dedication and achievement has been acknowledged on multiple platforms, including GreenBiz’s 30 Under 30, the 2017 CBC “Young Indigenous Women on the Rise,” 2018 “Top 10 Indigenous Influencers” named by the Government of Canada and most recently Flare Magazine 2019 "how I made it". Nikki is currently enrolled in Thompson Rivers University pursing her B.A. in Sociology and Political Science and involved in Indigenous Research.



Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada



  • Nikki's correct pronouns are She/Her.
  • Nikki identifies as Indigenous.



  • Indigenous Women Leadership - 'Sisters Supporting Sisters'
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • 'UN Young Leader'
  • Indigenous Women & Girls Rights 'reclaiming our sacred space'
  • Inclusion & Equality - Indigenous Voices 'Creating space for Indigenous Voices, "Leave no one behind"'
  • Young People (Youth Leadership) 'Investing in our Young Leaders'
  • Indigenous Human Rights, with a focus on Indigenous Women and Girls



  • Nikki offers Speaking, Training, and Research Services as a Constellation Star.
  • Nikki operates as a sole proprietor under the organization 'Uniting Our Voices.'
  • For information and pricing, please contact her directly.



Minerva, Gathering Of Voices, Native Women's Association of Canada, GreenBuild, Tk'emlups te Secwepemc, Colleges and Institues Canada, Ontario Council for International Cooperation



  1. How does your lived experience and identity contribute to your qualification as a service deliverer?
    Lived experience brings a unique voice to the conversation, having the opportunity to learn from someone who has endure, grew through struggle or has over come challenges closes the gap between learner/knowledge maker and teacher/knowledge keeper. the struggels i've overcome and challenges I have face are not unique and I feel that is what is important to show that, i was just young indigenous girl form the rez who grew up in such a disfuctional life of abuse, acholo and drugs, to droping out of highschool only to use these challenges i've faced to uplift me to break cycles for myself, my family and my children.
  2. How does your institutional and non-institutional education contribute to your qualification as a service deliverer?
    I've been a language learner since the age of 8 years old, I acknowledge i'm very blessed to have grown up in my traditional home lands to learn my language, culture and traditions. there are many knowledge keepers in my life that i continue to learn from.since growing up in community I've only worked for Indigenous Organizations/business and these experience has been a huge factor in why i wanted to be the first in my family to attend university. I am in my second year of my undergraduate program, BA in Sociology and Political Science.
  3. How do you advance climate justice and equity through your services?
    My experience and UN young leader for the Sustainable Development Goals has taught me a lot and i use those teaching and intertwine them in my advocacy work.
  4. What does it mean to you to act as a future ancestor? 
    It means being accountable to my children, my nieces and nephews, and my future grandchild. Its acknowledging my responsibility as a future grandmother, and matriarch that it is my role hold space and create space for healthy sustainable change.


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Nikki Fraser


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