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Rachel Ricketts is a global thought leader + outspoken champion for Black and Indigenous womxn. As a racial justice activist, lawyer, healer, speaker + author, she educates white folx on their role in perpetuating white supremacy, and helps folx of colour heal from internalized oppression. Rachel and her team host online and in-person workshops including the renowned Spiritual Activism series which offers practical, culturally informed and heart-centered solutions for all hue-mxns to dismantle racist heteropatriarchy.


Rachel started this work in 2004 while getting her Intercultural Education and Training diploma from the University of Victoria. She went to law school at the University of British Columbia to assist the most marginalized in the pursuit of justice, but the impact of having to financially, emotionally and physically support her disabled mother battling multiple sclerosis ultimately led her to corporate law. In 2015, Rachel successfully fought for her mother's right to die with dignity. The loss of her mom sent  her  into  a  world of anguish, still she realized that the most  grief she has ever experienced  is  a  result  of  navigating  a  racist  heteropatriarchal  world  as  a  Black womxn. She recommitted to helping dismantle all forms of oppression and support other's heal from the grief it creates. She is a trained racial justice consultant, breathwork teacher, Reiki practitioner + yin yoga instructor Rachel is a sought after speaker known for her highly engaging, raw and real delivery on sensitive and impactful topics such as racial justice, spirituality, anti-Blackness, burnout and grief.


She has worked with international companies including Google, WeWork, Lululemon and TELUS and presented at renowned conferences including SXSW and me Convention in Sweden. Rachel’s work has been featured in global media such as Vox, Mind Body Green, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, 21Ninety, Black Girl in Om and Thrive. Her first book My Love Includes Anger will be published by Atria Books in 2021.



Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brooklyn, New York, USA



  • Rachel's correct pronouns are She/Her.
  • Rachel identifies as Black and multiracial.



  • Anti-racism workshops and audits
  • Spirtual Activism and Spirtuality
  • Radical Health and Wellness
  • Burnout and Grief
  • Racial Justice 



  • Rachel offers Speaking and Training Services as a Constellation Star.
  • Rachel also provides anti-racism auditing and anti-racism screening for film (select 'Other Services' if you're interested in booking this).
  • Rachel operates under Rachel Ricketts International LLC, an incorporated business. It is a New York based corporation that can be engaged as sole proprietor in Canada.
  • For information and pricing, please visit her website at www.rachelricketts.com. 



Google, wework, New World Native, Shakti Yoga Athens, Inner Light Yoga, TELUS, Lululemon



  1. How does your institutional and non-institutional education contribute to your qualification as a service deliverer?
    My law degree, Diploma in Intercultural Education and Training, Bachelor's Degree in Psychology all assist me with the practical, analytical and tangible aspects of supporting, educating and training others in anti-racism and anti-oppression, as well as in running my business and managing a team in order to do so. My Reiki healing, breathwork and yin yoga trainings support me with the spiritual, intangible, energetic aspects of holding space for others - which is the pinnacle of my work.
  2. How does your lived experience and identity contribute to your qualification as a service deliverer?

    As a Black womxn+ who grew up the only child of a disabled and chronically ill single mother in a predominantly white and wealthy community, my identity and lived experience inform all of my work and offerings. It is the grief from these experiences that led me to undertake this work and the intimacy with which I grew up within and understand the destructive and violent power of whiteness that allows me to effectively communicate with white people as to the harms they inflict, and support all in dismantling oppression.

  3. How have you advanced climate justice and equity in the past?
    I have advanced climate justice and equity by supporting the most marginalized and disenfranchised through legal means, be it through law student's legal advice program or initiating a business law clinic on the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver to support Indigenous and other PoC business owners and artists.
  4. How do you advance climate justice and equity through your services?
    I support climate justice and equity by educating and advocating for climate justice and equity for all through anti-racism webinars, workshops and resources. I specifically advance climate justice and equity by educating on the links between climate justice and racial justice and the ways in which climate justice is part and parcel of racial justice.
  5. What does it mean to you to act as a future ancestor? 
    Acting as a future ancestor means leaving this world, inclusive of every living being and the planet itself, better than I found it. It means utilizing the gifts bestowed upon me by my ancestors to help dismantle all forms of oppression as they currently exist to help create a world where we can all feel safe and not only survive but thrive, especially those who have been historically and systemically oppressed. It also means taking responsibility as a steward of the land to ensure there will indeed be a future for all.


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Rachel Ricketts


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