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We offer speaking, training, and research services through a small team of specialists.

We are brought in to contracts because clients recognize our ability to contribute energetic and diverse perspectives in a language that is tailored to resonate with their audiences.

Speaking Services

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Research Services

Here's what you'll want to know about our approach to service delivery.

We have a structured and simple contract intake processes.

We prioritize a co-design approach to service delivery.

We have a tiered pricing structure.

We specialize in remote service delivery with professional-grade equipment.

We specialize in accessible and bilingual service delivery.

Our multilingual Services Team is comprised of emerging leaders in what is currently Canada who reflect and envision a future of work that embodies
climate justice and equity.*

Larissa Crawford

Founder and Managing Director

Larissa is based in Calgary, Alberta and completes speaking, research, and training contracts. She is a certified mediator and will provide mediation and restorative circles, as well as facilitated discussions. Larissa is passionate about supporting clients in appropriately engaging with Indigenous and Black communities to achieve climate justice.

Chúk Odenigbo

Director of Ancestral Services

Chúk is a Black Franco-Albertan currently based in Gatineau, Québec, completing his PhD in Medical Geography at the University of Ottawa. He offers speaking, training, and research services, as well as event facilitation and discussion facilitation. Chúk's research aims to explore therapeutic landscapes through the knowledge, attitudes, perceptions and practices of key informants.

Samantha Matters

Director of Ancestral Services

Samantha is based in Edmonton, Alberta, and offers training and research services. She is an accomplished academic, published Indigenous researcher, and foresight strategist of Métis ancestry. Samantha’s foresight work engages clients in exploring possible futures through the lens of Indigenous futurism, ancestry, and equity.

Monica Shafik

Director of Ancestral Services

Monica is based in Toronto, Ontario, Monica is a Coptic Canadian, and is Indigenous to Egypt. She has 7 years of public speaking, workshop facilitation, curriculum development, administrative and executive leadership experience. She completes speaking, and training contracts. She specializes in social media and communication consulting. 

*Directors of Ancestral Services operate as self-employed subcontractors for Future Ancestors Services Inc., and are not employees. In abiding by indicators outlined by the Canadian Revenue Agency, these workers are free to work when and for whom they choose, and may provide their services to different payers at the same time; can accept or refuse work from Future Ancestors Services Inc.; and can hire another party to either do the work or help do the work of a contract. You can find a full Description of Work here.

We serve diverse clients with diverse needs.


Our Constellation features Indigenous, Black, racialized, disabled, and LGBTQ2S+ people who centre equity, climate justice, and ancestral accountability in their work and education. By charting a free, online constellation of diverse contractors based in Canada, the Future Ancestors Constellation aims to connect clients seeking to expand their networks, line ups, and teams and to uplift the voices and services of people who face disproportionate barriers yet continue to centre Earth and community.


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