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We offer the Speaking Services of these Future Ancestors Directors of Ancestral Services. Read up, say hey.

When you send in your initial request, you can ask for one of us specifically or address us more generally. We do our best to meet your specific Director request, however we designate contracts based on our Team's unique capacities, skills, and availabilities.

Read more about our Booking Guidelines here.

Larissa Crawford

Larissa is a Black-Indigenous woman whose work intersects with anti-racism and climate justice. She is based in

Calgary, AB.

Chúk Odenigbo

Chúk is a Black Franco-Albertan whose work intersects with therapeutic landscapes and health. He is based in

Gatineau, QC.

Monica Shafik

Monica is a Coptic Canadian whose work explores Indigeneity and envrionmental justice in a global context. She is based in Toronto, ON.

Our co-design approach to service delivery allows us to seamlessly bring ancestral accountability, equity, and climate justice teachings into a wide array of training topics.

While we have our most requested topics, we provide a wide range of more specialized services.


You’ll likely want to confirm that we can deliver on the topic you’re looking for. Take a look through the topics we’re most regularly requested for, keeping in mind that these topics are often made to be more specific to an event theme, location, and audience.

Anti-Racism and Equity

  • Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous Racism

  • Anti-Racism and Equity

  • Moving Beyond Diversity and Inclusion

  •  Anti-Racist Strategic Planning

Restorative Practices


  • Decolonized Engagement

  • Holistic Organizational Change

  • Conflict Resolution and Restorative Circle Keeping

  • Indigenous Traditional Knowledge

Climate Justice

  • Health and Environment

  • Intersectional Environmentalism

  • Climate Action to Climate Justice

  • COVID-19 Just Recovery

  • Honouring Indigenous Traditional Knowledge

Policy and Governance


  • Canadian Government

  • Organizational Policy

  • Indigenous Futurism and Afrofuturism in policy and governance

  • Youth Programming and Engagement

Our approach to speaking services is unique.


Honours Diverse Ways of Knowing

Tailored to Audience

An inspiration story is great, but we also recognize that audience members want to leave our sessions with action-oriented steps. We deliver on that.

We place emphasis on lived experience, historical and statistical data, and traditional  knowledge  to make our content relevant and informative while honouring diverse ways of knowing.

We have a bank of engagement practices and techniques to bring the appropriate amount of energy,  messaging, and case studies to every unique audience.

Like our speaking topics, our speaking service options are many.

Keynote and Program Speeches


The service deliverer will create a speech of 30 to 120 minutes. Speeches are typically accompanied by presentation slides. A facilitated questions period is worked into presentation time unless otherwise requested.

Masters of Ceremony


The service deliverer can provide MC services with energy, enthusiasm, and with the intent of creating an overarching narrative to the event. A pre-engagement session with the program coordinators and summaries of program speakers will be required.

Panels, Moderator, and Fireside Chats


The service deliverer will contribute to panel discussions on the desired topic with the expectation that their contributions will centre ancestral accountability, climate justice, and/or equity to varying degrees.

Discussant Lead


The service deliverer will lead formal or informal discussions. Usually done at a larger event, this may be part of the formal program, or it may be included as a side-opportunity and is used to create a safe space for underrepresented or marginalized people at the event.

In addition to service delivery, we can also handle event registration, media promotion, donation collection, and follow-up.

Each of our public events average 150 to 500 registrants, and $400.00 to $8,000.00 in donation collection. We support our clients in public events by offering to take over ticket registration, social media promotion (social media graphics, flyers), and donation collection. We are also able to record the session for later posting. The client is charged the hourly rate and this time is included in the contract coordination, development, and follow-up quote.


Our Services Packages are perfect to bring back to teams for approval.

The price structures are based on the kind of client: Non-Profit and Youth, Private, and public. This is one of many efforts we make to ensure our services are as accessible as possible. Please select the Speaking Services Package that best suits the your organization.

In our Speaking Services Packages, you’ll find more details about our approach to service delivery,  topics, and our price structure.



Want the bigger picture? Take a browse through our service gallery.
Not seeing what you’re looking for? Let us know about your unique request and we’ll see what we can do.


You may also want to consider a speaker from our Constellation. Unless otherwise stated as a ‘Team Member,’ Constellation Stars are not employees of Future Ancestors Services, but are respected service deliverers based all over Canada that offer a wide range of prices.

Our Constellation Speakers

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